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Quarantine insight #2

51% of consumers fear packages may have the virus

Of 1,500 validated consumers surveyed, 51% said that they feared that delivered packages may contain traces of COVID-19. WHO reports that COVID-19 virus) may persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days. Savvy companies such as Burger King have started changing their messaging to highlight their focus on sanitary food handling and packaging.

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Quarantine insight #3

63% of app shoppers can't find what they need

While shopping for grocery delivery, 63% of shoppers couldn't find what they needed. Of that group, 17% gave up, 38% went into a store, 15% switched apps, and 30% decided to wait until the items they need are available on the same app. Switching apps is easier than switching stores, which makes great experiences critical.

We've seen a 17% rise in organic downloads for our own Surveys On The Go® app in both the Android and iOS app stores as a direct result of the nationwide lockdown. We're witnessing first-hand as consumers of all demographics move their social lives and commercial lives in troves to the smartphone, the new place to survey.

Quarantine insight #1

17% rise in our mobile survey app downloads

Quarantine insight #4

74% of observed app users ditching brand loyalty

When observed app users were asked how they are selecting products in light of current events, 48% said they’re open to new brands, 26% said they’ll take whatever is in stock, 20% said it depends on the product, and only 7% said they’re buying preferred brands. Between the first two responses, 74% of consumers are putting brand loyalty at risk.

Quarantine insight #5

79% of observed app users behaviors are permanent

Using our first-party panel, we surveyed observed app users and found that 79% plan to use apps the same or more once COVID-19 passes, indicating the long-term adoption of new digital buying behaviors. In 2019 online buying was a $602 billion industry – at roughly 16% of retail sales. We’d expect that percentage to dramatically increase, even if retail sales are lower in 2020.

Quarantine insight #6

Observed: consumer app spends
↑35% on home + grocery

Our first-party consumer panel of validated app users shows that 35% of consumers are actually spending more than normal on household supplies and groceries. Maybe consumers are still in “panic-buying” mode, maybe it’s due to app shopping inexperience, but the only way to know for sure is to simply ask them in-the-moment with our digital event surveys.

Quarantine insight #7

Safety messaging 2x as effective with new, observed app shoppers

18% of new, observed app users made purchase decisions based on seeing or hearing COVID-19 safety brand messaging vs. 9% of existing app users. Additionally, 17% of new app users made decisions based on the vendor offering a “contactless delivery option” vs. 11% of existing app users. To win more new users, embrace safety in your messaging.

Quarantine insight #8

Local business wins 30%
of observed app shoppers

Observed using UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates, 30% of consumers are ordering from local restaurants. 14% are ordering from McDonalds, 6% from all fast casual restaurants combined (such as Chili’s, iHop, and Olive Garden), 5% from Chipotle, 5% from all pizza restaurants combined), 3% from Wendys, 3% from Taco Bell, 2% from Burger King, 2% from Panda Express, and 1% and under for all others.

Quarantine insight #9

Observed: 72% of in-store shoppers trying new brands 

Using our first-party, location-based consumer panel, we just tracked 2,400 consumers as they entered into Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Albertsons, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. We triggered surveys upon exit and uncovered that 72% of in-store shoppers were going beyond preferred brands in light of COVID-19. The limited supply is prompting consumers to try new brands.

Quarantine insight #10

Observed: 32% switching stores to find missing list items

Our validated, all-mobile consumer panel just revealed that 32% of observed in-store shoppers are currently making the decision to switch stores to find missing items on their lists. Considering that 92% of consumers cited difficulty finding toilet paper, it makes sense that these consumers are willing to enter a second store, even under the current circumstances.

Quarantine insight #11

Availability outranks brand & price in observed shoppers

Across the board in our in-store shopper survey, availability was often selected as the biggest driver, outranking both brand and price for decision-making. Brand loyalty is most at risk for paper products (only 7% mentioned brand), canned goods (10%), grains (14%), and frozen foods (17%). 

Quarantine insight #12

Seen in-store: 58% will keep new brands

This week’s geo-validated exit interviews with consumers at retailers revealed that 58% of observed shoppers will continue to use a new brand that they found. With brand loyalty out the window, this is the time to get new relevant insights. If you want to understand the new in-store normal for your specific consumers, contact us.

Quarantine insight #13

Specialty stores = success for 65% of geo-validated shoppers

65% of observed shoppers found what they needed at specialty stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Only 46% of club store shoppers had any luck. This data is based on 2,400 geo-validated exit interviews last week across Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Albertsons, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s.

Quarantine insight #14

Spotted in-store: 42% now shopping with friends & family

Is social distancing getting old? 42% of observed shoppers went with friends or family this week compared with 38% last week. More specifically, those shopping with significant others jumped from 24% to 28%, and those shopping with roommates jumped from 2% to 4%. Are consumers less concerned about the virus or are they just getting antsy indoors?

Quarantine insight #15

Watch and hear: Georgians share their views about reopening

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Quarantine insight #16

Watch: are Georgians returning to restaurants and bars?

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Quarantine insight #17

Watch & Listen: brands must design new experiences

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Quarantine insight #18

Watch & Listen: consumers sticking to new digital behaviors

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Quarantine insight #19

Watch & Listen: “Do I need this right now?”

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Semi-quarantine insight #1

Geo-validated foot traffic: top 5 DMAs return.

Foot traffic screeched to a halt in March, but in May, we’re starting to recover. Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta all had a notable rise in foot traffic. See new trends in your consumers’ geo-validated shopping visits as they navigate the the top 5 DMA’s. Then, survey their opinions to get the “who, where, and why” as they handle each phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Semi-quarantine insight #2

Watch & Listen: New York rallies to shop local.

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Semi-quarantine insight #3

Watch & Listen: One word to describe current NY experience.

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Semi-quarantine insight #4

Watch & Listen: Long-term lifestyle changes in NY.

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Semi-quarantine insight #5

Why 36% of shoppers leave your store.

Ran out of something? It could cost you. Right now, 36% of shoppers will walk out if you don’t have what they want. No second chances. Foot traffic is up. Stock up on what they need. Don’t know what they need? Ask our consumer panel—they’ll tell you.

Semi-quarantine insight #6

Social media ↑50%, survey your consumers by app behaviors.

Since the outbreak, consumers have upped social media by 50% to stay in touch with friends & family. We have validated app data for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, and all other apps. This is the time to survey them for insights.

Semi-quarantine insight #7

52% of validated gamers research on Twitter, but why?

The value of social channels vary by your industry. For instance, 52% of validated gamers research new games on Twitter, followed by Snapchat at 42%, Facebook at 35%, and Instagram at 31%. See which social channels your consumers are on, collect their data, and survey them to find the why.

New consumer insight #1

New consumers: 43% hesitate to return to normal.

The new consumer is still deciding what they need… We just observed 2,400 shoppers over 10 weeks at brick & mortar stores and on apps. Here’s what we saw and heard: 43% are hesitant to return to normal activities. As foot traffic climbs, so does indecision, which we’re seeing in the DOW right now⁠. You’ve got questions. Survey our panel for answers.